DIY Wireless Parking Sensor

Name: DIY Wireless Parking Sensor (2 sensors)

Model: BK-DIY608

· Buzzer inside the controller box  
· Powered by AA batteries or plug into cigarette lighter                                                                           
· Stage-by-stage sound alarm
· Sensor color optional
· Human voice alarm (option)
· Anti-freezing, rainy-proof design, work well under extreme cold weather                                                          
· Easy installation(DIY)

Technical Specification:
Working Voltage:DC12V±3V
AA Battery: 4.5V(3 pieces of AA batteries)
Alarm Distance: 1.0m-0.0m
Farthest Detection Distance:1.0m
Sound volume: >50dB
Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
Sensor Angle: Single Angle 60°
Sensor Type: Stick-On style sensor
Working temperature: -40°C---+80°C


Parking Sensor

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